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The Hobgood Citizen Group Inc. was organized in 1992. The mission of the organization is to promote and improve social, economic, educational Welfare and quality of life for the citizens of the community and surrounding Area. The Thomas Shields Community Center is to be used to provide the Opportunity for the work of this mission.

We provide space for the community to grow and thrive.

Our Mission

Our History

The closing of the school left the community void of activities for the parents, however it presented an excellent opportunity for a community building.

The building was purchased through a fund raising project sponsored by the Ms. Senior Citizen Pageant. 

The building is available for community meetings to discuss resources, needs and issues of the Community. 


Activity Day Festival

The yearly Activity day on the first Saturday in October is a festival that attracts people from far and near. The building served as a disaster center during the recent flood.

We Need Your Support Today!

Help us keep the community thriving - donate today!

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